Agent spotlight: Matt Sebbens talks customer service and the Canberra market

Work with our real estate agents for a professional and personal experience.
Work with our real estate agents for a professional and personal experience.
Want to learn more about the real estate agents you work with here at Peter Blackshaw? Meet Matt Sebbens, one of our smart, friendly sales consultants. 

Finding the right real estate agent for you and your home is crucial. You deserve someone who is attentive, experienced and gets the job done. If an agent isn't giving you the best service possible, how can you hope for the best sale possible? 

At Peter Blackshaw, we know how anxious buying and selling can be – that's why we've got Sales Consultant Matt Sebbens here to walk you through just how important customer service is in the property market, as well as why he loves working in the industry. You'll get a bit of expert insight into the Canberra property market too! 

Q: What is the best part of your job, and what would you say you find the most rewarding?

A: Basically, I enjoy watching people grow and succeed! My background is working with with elite sportspeople, so there's always a drive to succeed in what I do. I was mainly responsible for providing an environment where both an athlete and coach could excel, promoting relationships where people support each other to get the best result. 

This might be a bit of a sports cliche, but if you turn up and give the best of yourself every day, then your results speak for themselves. It's a relationship that is so important in the property market. 

When you think about it, the best real estate agents are the ones who achieve and provide the best results for people around them. You have to remain disciplined around your processes, if you try to force results then they often do not come through – just like you'd see in sports. Part of how I transferred my skills into property involves that relationship building. I'm seeking real-time feedback, whether that be from buyers or sellers, which lets me improve both how I work and the results for the customer. The end result, seeing customers secure a home that they love, is the best reward you can hope for. 

Where is your dream property in Canberra?Where is your dream property in Canberra?

Q: Let's talk about the property market itself – how is the market this year different than last year?

A: There have been a few main differences – demand for specific types of property is increasing, for one. There's a big shortage of land for standalone houses, and at the same time there's been a bit of a shift in focus to apartment blocks – making the most of restricted space. 

Tight land supply means that demand for any bigger blocks is also really high. Families are trying to sell smaller plots to break into something larger, while many other buyers are looking to just secure a large block of land so they can renovate or knock down and rebuild. 

Rental prices in Canberra have also done really well recently, which has seen a lot of property investors come into the market. Yields are tight in a lot of other major centres, so Canberra is a prime positive cashflow opportunity.

Overall, Canberra has incredibly well-sustained capital growth too. Where Sydney and Melbourne can have sharp rises and falls over time, Canberra's real estate tends to be much, much more consistent. 

"I see too many people who are still kicking themselves because they didn't buy that property 12 months ago."

Q: What is the best piece of advice you could give buyers?

A: The best advice I can give my customers is to be real with us. Sit down, have a conversation and figure out exactly what you want – let's work face to face and work through what it is you want to achieve – budget, long term plans, portfolio, etc. Specifically for Canberra, I'd recommend you get in sooner rather than later because right now there is some really good competition and some really great prices. I see too many people who are still kicking themselves because they didn't buy that property 12 months ago – they are kicking themselves that they didn't act more aggressively for that particular property.

If you're interested in working with Matt, or any of our team members here at Peter Blackshaw Real Estate, give us a call today! We'd love to find you your home!